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Clutch cover & disc

We are providing you with highest quality clutch products which are being manufactured in the latest and most advanced facilities and automated production lines.

Our supplying clutch is OEM manufacturer's product for Korean cars like Hyundai motors,
Kia motors, Chevolet and Ssangyong motors and the quality is guaranteed.

Clutch cover

The clutch cover is located between engine and transmission and matches with clutch disc so as to either transmit or interrupt the power of the engine.

  • Full type

  • Diaphragm Spring
    Curling Type

  • Diaphragm Spring
    Set Rivet Type

  • Coil Spring Type

Clutch Disc

The clutch disc is located between the engine and the transmission and matches with the clutch cover.
It can either transmit or interrupt the power of the engine. It contains damping components in order to minimize noise and vibration created in the powertrain.

  • Family Type

  • Multi-stage Damper Type

  • Combination Type

  • Metal Facing Clutch Disc

Release bearing

The release bearing is used for releasing
the clutch from the engaged condition.