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GS Caltex Corp is one of the world famous oil and lubricant manufacturers like Shell, Mobil and Castrol etc on the basis of its highest quality.

GS Caltex Corp is a joint venture company between GS Caltex and Chevron Texaco in USA.
And also GS Caltex is OEM manufacturer for various vehicle manufacturers in the world.
So we guarantee that GS Caltex oil is the top quality in the world.

An sole official exporter of GS Caltex, we are providing our customers with world top quality automotive lubricants,
industrial lubricants, engine oil, grease, hydraulic oil, gear oil, mission oil, oil treatment, coolant and others of automotive as well as industrial oils.

Gasoline Engine Oil

  • Kixx Neo
  • Kixx G1
  • Kixx Gold SL
  • Kixx Gold SJ
  • Kixx Gold SF/CF


  • Kixx PAO DX
  • Kixx DX
  • Kixx D1
  • Kixx Dynamic CH-4
  • Kixx Dynamic CG-4
  • Kixx Dynamic CF-4

Motor Cycle Oil

  • Kixx Ultra 4T SL
  • Kixx Ultra 4T SJ
  • Kixx Ultra 2T

Automatic Transmission Fluid & Power Steering Fluid

  • Kixx ATF Multi
  • Kixx ATF DX-Ⅲ
  • GS PSF 4

Multi Purpose EP

  • Geartec GL-5
  • Geartec GL-4
  • Gear Oil HD GL-4


  • Brake Fluid SHD
  • GS/AF Coolant
  • GS Oil Treatment
  • Kixx Clean